When we fast, we deny ourselves things we love for something we love even more.  

For the 21 Days between February 18 - March 10

Northpoint Community Church will be going through a time of Prayer and Fasting

as we seek God's VISION in our lives and our church.  

These 21 days are going to be full of great ups and downs - be ready.  

Cling to God in both - through prayer and His Word. 

Fasting combined with prayer and God's word will ignite something in us that will give us clarity and vision. 

That's our word for 2019 ---- VISION ----- and that is what we know God is going to provide.

How do we fast?.

How you fast is between you and God, 

but we do hope that something in your daily life changes over the next 21 days.  

You may feel led to participate in the 

Daniel Fast all 21 days.  

You may find God is asking you to fast something different each week.  

You may even find God is asking you to do more that one of these ideas.

The Daniel Fast

Entertainment Fast

Social Media Fast

One Meal a Day Fast

Again, the point is that we deny ourselves of something we love (food, stimulation, technology) 

for something we love even more (GOD).