Discipleship is growing to be like Jesus...growing as a student of Jesus.  Discipleship is Jesus' preferred method of evangelism, making more disciples and better disciples.  Luke 6:40 tells us that the student who is fully trained will become like the teacher.  We believe that is what God wants for us...to become students of Jesus' teachings, then help others become students.


Below are the groups we currently offer:


Journey Group @ Northpoint (Lakeisha Robinson)

Couple’s Group @ Northpoint (Pastor Rachel & Travis Medlin)

LADIES MONTHLY FELLOWSHIP -  Women meet at the church, restaurants and other places throughout the year.  Watch for announcements about details for each month.  All women are welcome.

MEN'S MONTHLY FELLOWSHIP - All men are invited to hang out for fellowship, helpful conversation and disciple building.  Announcements each month will be made about the location to meet.

The Contact Person for Small Groups is Lakeisha Robinson