Northpoint Kids is a ministry for the children and families of Northpoint Community Church and the Beaumont area.

We offer weekly and monthly opportunities for worship and fellowship for kids and parents.

Let us love, teach and pray with your kids while you are in service or class.


When you arrive at NP Kids, you will be asked to check in.  Your child will be given a name tag and you will be given one as well.  The tag is required for check-in an check-out.  Be sure to hold on to your part of the name tag.  Once your child is dropped off, they will be directed to their age appropriate area.

Sunday Morning Kids' Worship

Each Sunday morning our elementary aged kids gather in their own worship space for Kids' Worship.  

There's exciting music that gets our kids moving.  The songs have lyrics that help them learn and understand the truths of the Bible.

Every Sunday there's revelant teaching to meet our kids where they are in life.  Some of it is video based and some is facilitated by our teaching staff.  

The kids often have crafts they do during Kids' Worship that are fun and teaches a lesson too.

We would love for you and your family to join us!


Wednesday nights our kids gather for fun, study, hang out time and so much more. We have age level groups from birth through upper elementary.  Kids will experience a great time with our dedicated volunteers and staff as they are lead through Bible study and other creative ways to learn about the core values of life like worship, discipleship, fellowship, serving and giving.

The best way to stay connected to Starting Point Kids is to follow us on facebook:

A safe place

Parents - for those that have children with you during worship services, we want you to know we have Volunteers and Staff that will love and care for your children.  Each child will be given an engaging lesson from the Bible at their age-appropriate level.